Fourth of July, Thomas Jefferson and Olive Oil

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, our third President and principal author of the Declaration of Independence was also what would be considered today… a foodie? Whenever I think of a foodie, I think… olive oil. And so did Jefferson, who proclaimed, “… the olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven.”  Deemed a…more »

2014 Olive Harvest Adventure: Oct 21 – 28 (available) Oct 28 – Nov 6 (sold out)

Here’s an update on the Olive Harvest Adventure tours.  Tour #1 – October 21-28 (available); Tour #2 is sold out (October 28-November 6)! I invite you to be Italian for a week where you can spend a blissful time this fall in an ancient Umbrian olive grove and experience the true Italian lifestyle – the…more »

Why Bake with Olive Oil?

Substituting olive oil for butter is a key element for health and dietary considerations; e.g. vegan requirements, lower cholesterol needs, and removing saturated fats. Because olive oil contains vitamin E, it helps to naturally maintain the freshness of baked goods and creates moist cakes, biscuits and muffins. Using olive oil instead of butter gives cakes…more »

New Year’s Resolution #1: Lose Weight/Get Healthy with Olive Oil

It’s that time of year when we make our New Year’s Resolutions.   Topping the list of resolutions involve losing weight and getting healthy.  Want to know a way to lose weight, especially that belly fat?  I suggest increasing the good fat in your diet.  The good fat, of course, is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)….more »

New Year’s Resolution #2: Save Money using Olive Oil for Beauty Treatments

Here is New Year’s Resolution #2:  Save money by using olive oil for your beauty treatments. Replace expensive creams and lotions with olive oil as part of your regular “beauty” routine. There are numerous skin treatments using olive oil, including removing make-up and conditioning your hair and scalp. You can mix a bit of olive…more »

New Year’s Resolution #3: Go Green with Olive Oil

And now for Resolution #3:  Go Green with Olive Oil What better way to “go green” than with olive oil? Because olive oil is created from natural ingredients, it won’t release harsh chemicals into the air like many common household cleaning products. You can use olive oil (and a bit of lemon or white vinegar)…more »

New Year’s Resolution #4: Enrich your Social Life with Olive Oil

An age-old question:  What does drizzling olive oil over all types of culinary pursuits have to do with improving your relationships? Research (from the journal of PLoS Medicine, among others) shows that strong social relationships are associated with better health and longevity. There’s no better way to enrich your social life than by breaking bread…more »

New Year’s Resolution #5: Learn more about Olive Oil!

Expand your knowledge by exploring the world of olive oil!     Here are some tips: 1.  Download the iPhone/iPad app –  GoEVOO.  It’s an easy way to discover specialty stores and gourmet markets that provide olive oil tasting opportunities in the US. 2.  Host your own olive oil tasting party with tips from my book,…more »

What to look for when buying EVOO?

In a recent interview by Flavor your Life, (a campaign supported by the European Union) I was asked:  What do you look for when buying EVOO?  I answered that there are three important factors to look for when purchasing olive oil are: harvest date, packaging and traceability: 1.   Choose oil in a dark bottle, metal…more »