Carol Firenze may be the best advertisement for her own charming and cleverly written reference book packed with history and how-to information about olive oil. Her enthusiasm and vivaciousness about this liquid gold are contagious. A life-long educator and seasoned lecturer, Firenze’s passion for her lifework of studying and glorifying the olive is serious. At the end of her creative and dynamic lectures, her audiences truly share her passion.

Carol earned her Olive Oil Consultant Certificate from the Italian Culinary Institute in New York and holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco, with a focus on cultural and communicative understanding. Her career and interests have taken Carol around the world. She has worked and lived in England, France, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Switzerland and China.

As an educator, her early career started in public education, teaching World History, endeavoring to make every moment filled with exciting information. After receiving her doctorate, she worked for an international management consulting firm, teaching executives and developing communication strategies for major corporations; and now, her lectures focus on teaching people about the amazing history and practical, healthful applications of olive oil, filled with anecdotes and humor.

Carol is 100% Italian-American. All of her ancestors came from Liguria, an Italian region known for its fine, buttery olive oil. Her last name is Firenze (Florence) the capital of Tuscany, a region of Italy known for its high intensity olive oil. She was born and raised in Northern California…not so very far away from the wineries and fine restaurants of Napa where today that same golden liquid – olive oil is one of the icons of fine living.

Her background coupled with her interest in the cultural history of commerce, health, medicine, beautification, rituals and culinary practices led her to the writing of The Passionate Olive – 101 Things to do with Olive Oil and her company, The Passionate Olive, reflects her desire to educate others on the breadth and depth of the uses of olive oil.  She is also the author of the very popular iPhone/iPad app called GoEVOO, which helps consumers find and use true extra virgin olive oil.  Carol serves as one of the experts for the Olive Oil Source.