New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year's Resolution #5: Learn more about Olive Oil!

Expand your knowledge by exploring the world of olive oil!     Here are some tips: 1.  Host your own olive oil tasting party with tips from my book, The Passionate Olive. 2. Contact The Passionate Olive for a special event or olive oil dinner at We can create an informative and fun party where guests […]

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New Year’s Resolution #4: Enrich your Social Life with Olive Oil

An age-old question:  What does drizzling olive oil over all types of culinary pursuits have to do with improving your relationships? Research (from the journal of PLoS Medicine, among others) shows that strong social relationships are associated with better health and longevity. There’s no better way to enrich your social life than by breaking bread […]

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New Year's Resolution #2: Save Money using Olive Oil for Beauty Treatments

Here is New Year’s Resolution #2:  Save money by using olive oil for your beauty treatments. Replace expensive creams and lotions with olive oil as part of your regular “beauty” routine. There are numerous skin treatments using olive oil, including removing make-up and conditioning your hair and scalp. You can mix a bit of olive […]

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New Year’s Resolution #3: Go Green with Olive Oil

Resolution #3:  Go Green with Olive Oil.   What better way to “go green” than with olive oil for common household uses?  And, what better way to use old olive oil or olive oil that was fraudulently labeled EVOO? Because olive oil is created from natural ingredients, it won’t release harsh chemicals into the air […]

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New Year’s Resolutions: More Olive Oil!

My New Year’s Resolution:  More Olive Oil.  Each year after spending several weeks in Italy and Spain where olive oil permeates every aspect of living, I understand the role that olive oil can play in making this next year even better than the last.   Here are my suggestions of ways to “infuse” olive oil into five of the most common […]

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