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Why Bake with Olive Oil?

I’m often asked:  “Why bake with olive oil? ”  Substituting olive oil for butter is a key element for health and dietary considerations; e.g. vegan requirements, lower cholesterol needs, and removing saturated fats. Because olive oil contains vitamin E, it helps to naturally maintain the freshness of baked goods and creates moist cakes, biscuits and […]

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Harvesting Olives is good for your Skin!

Did you know that picking olives actually improves the skin?  Even though I usually wear gloves when harvesting for long periods, I try picking the olives with bare hands for part of the time.  If you do, your hands will be soft and smooth; it’s almost like getting an olive oil rub from the ripe […]

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The Taste Test: Quality EVOO and Supermarket Brands

I was recently asked:  how does the taste between a quality EVOO compare to supermarket brands that many people use? Supermarket brands tend to be refined olive oil, even though sometimes they are labeled Extra Virgin.   Refined –  meaning that the olive oil may have had defects, which were removed with use of charcoal or […]

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Unique Wedding Gifts

It’s wedding season! Whether you’re planning a wedding or simply planning to attend one, look no further for that unique and interesting favor or gift. If planning a wedding, get private labeled olive oil as a favor.  For a unique shower or wedding gift, give an olive-themed basket (with my book, various olive oils, dipping […]

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Storing Olive Oil

I often hear people tell me they are saving their best, estate EVOO for special occasions. Olive oil does NOT improve with age. There is an old, Italian proverb – “olio nuovo, vino vecchio” meaning “it is best to consume young oil but old wine”. Because of olive oil’s high monounsaturated fat content, it can […]

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