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Olivina in Livermore

Olivina in Livermore, California –  An Interview with owner Charles Crohare I have known the Charles Crohare family, from Olivina in Livermore, for over 10 years.    Charles shared with me the history of the family estate.   Julius Paul Smith, an early pioneer in the California olive oil industry, carved out 2,000 acres of the beautiful […]

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Festivals, Food, and Fun: 2016 Olive Harvest Adventure

The 2016 Olive Harvest Adventure was filled with Festivals, Food, and Fun. The seasonal products in autumn are my favorites: truffles, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, vino novello (the new wine) and especially, olio nuovo (the new olive oil). It is also the season for wild boar, pheasant, and rabbit. In addition to harvesting olives for 1/2 day […]

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Taste and Test Olive Oil: La Prova del Pane (The Bread Test)

My Olive Harvest Adventure tour features tasting Olio Nuovo (new olive oil).  One way to test and taste olive oil is with “la prova del pane” (the bread test) or the ritual of the fett’unta (oiled slice), a simple ceremony that celebrates the new olive oil harvest each year. On my Olive Harvest Adventure tours, […]

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What to look for when buying EVOO?

In a recent interview by Flavor your Life, (a campaign supported by the European Union) I was asked:  What do you look for when buying EVOO?  I answered that there are three important factors to look for when purchasing olive oil are: harvest date, packaging and traceability: 1.  Choose oil in a dark bottle, metal container […]

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Valentine's Day Gift and Olive Oil

Don’t know what to give that special someone?   Here’s an idea: an autographed copy of  The Passionate Olive Book and a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from your favorite olive oil producer or purveyor.  The magic potion for romance and heart health is EVOO.  February is also heart healthy month and what […]

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Hair and Olive Oil

“… Gimme a head with hair Long beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, Streaming, flaxen, waxen …” While I don’t think the writers of the musical Hair were thinking of olive oil when they wrote those lines, they were right on! Since ancient times, olive oil has been extensively used in hair therapy. Olive oil does two […]

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