Harvest Your Own Olives!

Harvest Your Own Olives!

Harvest Your Own Olives!

If you’re a lover of olive oil, you won’t want to miss our Olive Harvest Tour in Italy this fall! Not only will you get to pick olives, but you’ll watch as they’re pressed into liquid gold, and then taste the exquisite olio nuovo (new oil) as it is drizzled on fresh bread. Each year I participate in the harvest, whether I’m in California or traveling to one of my favorite olive producing countries, and I’d love to have you join me.

This year, I am leading a nine-day trip to Italy (Umbria and Tuscany) where we will explore the fascinating world of olive oil. We’ll not only participate in the harvest and pressing, but also attend a local sagra (olive harvest party), plant our own olive tree, learn culinary secrets, visit an olive oil museum, enjoy a relaxing olive oil massage at a thermal spa, and dine on wonderful cuisine prepared with olive oil. Of course, our tour would not be complete without wine tasting and shopping.

We’ll stay at a private Villa, located near Lake Trasimeno on the western edge of Umbria and a stone’s throw from the Tuscan/Umbrian border close to the famed hill towns of Cortona and Montepulciano. I’ve personally selected all the activities and restaurants, with the help of Anna Tapay, the padrone of the Villa. From our welcome prosecco at the Villa to our farewell party at a “mozzarella bar” in Florence, this trip promises learning, fun, and a lot of olive oil. This is a going to be a one of a kind experience.

Here’s the link to the itinerary.

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    Ohh I wish i could be there