Take a Swig of EVOO!

Take a Swig of EVOO!

Take a Swig of EVOO!


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Did you know that olive oil is natural remedy for opera and popular singers? Many take a swig of EVOO or gargle with it before singing to lubricate their vocal chords.  And, drinking little swigs of olive oil soothes and strengths vocal cords?  Just ask Selena Gomez, Cindy Chang, Kelly Clarkson, Connie Francis… to name a few.

I take 2 swigs (tablespoons) of olive oil every morning to start my day.  Filled with antioxidants, it contains enough vitamin E for the day.   It calms the stomach and protects the heart… helps with weight loss, by reducing the need for sugar, sending signals that you are full, and increasing metabolism.  That’s more good news, even if you are not a famous singer.  


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