What to look for when buying EVOO?

What to look for when buying EVOO?

In a recent interview by Flavor your Life, (a campaign supported by the European Union) I was asked:  What do you look for when buying EVOO?  I answered that there are three important factors to look for when purchasing olive oil are: harvest date, packaging and traceability:

1.  Choose oil in a dark bottle, metal container or packaging that shields the bottle from light.

2. Check the harvest date and buy this year’s harvest.

3. View labels with caution – see where the olives are from and either know the producer/mill or look for seals of authenticity like COOC (California certification) or DOP (Italy certification).

Remember the enemies of olive oil are: light, heat, time, air and – I always add one more – “untruthful labeling.”

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