Wine and Olive Oil

Wine and Olive Oil

Wine and Olive Oil

Just as wine lovers often take their favorite bottle to a restaurant, I often carry a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil (my own brand or one of my recommended brands) when I go out to eat.  I am just as choosy about my olive oil as I am about fine wines.

In fact, olive oil and wine appear to be agricultural accomplices; and, olive oil is following the same sophisticated path as wines did a few years ago.  I remember a time when we used to order either a simple red or white wine, Today’s sophisticated diners now request specific varietals:  a “spicy Merlot” or “ big Cabernet” or “buttery Chardonnay” or a specific vineyard “Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio”.

I think requests for specific cultivars (Italian Varietals, Arbequina, Mission) and producers of extra virgin olive oil are in our not-so-distant future.  Pairing of different intensities (mild/delicate, medium, robust) with different food is becoming well known.  And, soon, customers will request by name their favorite brand or type of olive oil they want to consume with their meal at a restaurant.    What do you think?

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