The Gift of Olive Oil

The Gift of Olive Oil

The Gift of Olive Oil

Want a fabulous gift idea?  How about a bottle of your favorite extra virgin olive oil?  Dubbed “liquid gold” by Homer, olive oil  has been noted for centuries as the gift of elegance.  Even Ulysses gave small phials of olive oil as the perfect hostess gift.   For more than 4,000 years, the olive tree has been the symbol of abundance, peace and longevity.  Gifted by a goddess, revered by ancient cultures, protected by emperors, the olive tree and its precious fruit and oil have always played important roles in civilization.

Fast forward to today.  I always keep several small bottles of extra virgin olive oil (on hand) in a dark cupboard.  When visiting a friend, going to a dinner party, or whenever I am asked to bring a gift – I give olive oil (and my book!).

At a recent event at The Butter Paddle in Saratoga, CA, I was asked to autograph my book, The Passionate Olive and provide The Passionate Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Noted as the first gourmet kitchen store in Santa Clara Valley and staffed by volunteers, all proceeds from The Butter Paddle are donated to EMQ FamiliesFirst (http://www.emqff.org), a nonprofit organization (helping children and families in crisis since 1867). Today as one organization, EMQ FamiliesFirst annually provides mental health and social services to more than 6,600 children and their families in Santa Clara County and over 16,000 children statewide.

I was delighted to be part of this event magnificent event.

2 Responses to The Gift of Olive Oil

  1. Susan Gutterman May 18, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Carol, Thanks for recognizing the Butter Paddle and EMQ! I am one of the volunteers and I thought the “Passionate Olive Event” was fabulous!

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